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Me being a n00b

2007-08-05 01:17:07 by GEshows

Alright, I made this account a long time ago, and I've looked through some of my old reveiws and holy crap, I was a huge n00b. I mean, most of the stuff I left didn't even include constructive criticism, sorry for being retarded guys


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2007-08-05 01:33:05

Also, anyone who I have left unconstructive critism wil receive fives on all their movies.


2007-08-05 13:19:06

You're not the only one that was a n00b, I used to be one too.

GEshows responds:

Well, I guess the only thing that matters at this point is just to stop, which I did....


2008-03-11 04:53:09

We all used to be